Friday, January 23, 2009

Wax Poetics #31 aka Tasters Choice 7 (2009)

I did a "Record Run Down" in issue 31 of Wax Poetics. The cover is Shuggie Otis / MF DOOM. I'm sure there is copies still available out there.

A few people were asking about what some of the records sounded like. A few of them your not gonna find. Maybe...but I don't think that you will.

So here's a mix from the albums that I picked for my article with a little bit more on why I love these records.

I didn't throw in the Divine Force "Holy War".

Enjoy folks...


M.C. Mitchski - "Red Alert Is A Great Man"
-Red Alert played this record all the time...I would have also if I had a record talking about how great a man I am.....on second thought never mind...He did a mix almost like this.

Slum Village - "I Don't Know"
-What needs to be said about this. The first vinyl release from Slum Village. If you didn't live in Japan you were not going to get a copy of this....Luckily I have the Rhettmatic hook up...and he has the Japan hook up.

Tim Maia - "You Don't Know What I Know"
-From Vol.2 of this record dedicated to his new found religion. He soon found out the guy who headed the whole organization was doing something naughty to Tim's wife. Needled to say he soon quit the religion and re-called and burned all remaining copies of the albums.

Jack Bruce Suite
-Side A is a monster. I never really listen to the other side because the first has so much heat. Well here's some samples you'll be quick to pick up on. I did this section similar to Cut Chemist....he did something like this on one of his tapes.

M.C. Mitchski - "Brooklyn Blew Up The Bridge"
-The flip side to the "Red Alert.." cut we kicked off this mix with. Another one Red Alert would play. This came out at the height of the South Bronx vs. The Bridge drama.

James Brown Suite
-"In The Jungle Groove" is one of the ultimate albums. Even if it is a compilation. This was the first time "Funky Drummer" was on LP.....if full length. It was on a 45 and on "Ultimate Breaks & Beats" but never on LP. I could have made just a 45 minute mix of this one album.

Big Apple Vol.2
-When I heard this mix on L.A. radio station KACE 103.9 FM...during the "Saturday Night Mastermix" with the Supreme Team (No..not the ones from Malcolm McLaren...these cats were biters). They snuck this in the middle of one of their mixes. I recorded the show and I listened to this part all the time. The record was put together by The Latin Rascals...go look for the radio show they did. Almost the same thing here but for 2 hours.

Pretty Tony - "Get Some"
-Electro cut that takes me back to the days of my old crews....Rhe Crisis Cru and P.S.K. (Pullin Suckas Cards). I don't know why folks don't play this one. From the producer of Debbie Deb, Trinere & Freestyle...Tony Butler

Turntable Talk
-I heard this record and wanted a 4 track to make mixes like this....1984 In full effect.

Funkapolition - "As Time Goes By"
-I didn't have this one in the record review. I only talked about how I was looking for a copy. Look what I found. The frickin LP!!! Now that's what's up! British Soul / Funk.

Atmosphere "Free Your Mind / Dancing in Outer Space"
-This record was the reason I started to want more that British stuff. Good music. there you go.

If you want to see what I really said about there records then go pick up an issue of Wax Poetics...remember #31. Like the date for Halloween.

big up to the cats at Wax Poetics for having me in the mag.......finally.

Yes! There is a Taster's Choice Disc 6. You just wasn't looking for it.


JJ1ONE said...

'You cut up the past to find the future'
W. Burroughs

.Peace.09. from my zion hood : Paris


Mike said...

Wait wait wait!!! There was a Vol. 6? Where should I look???

The Dynamic Hamza 21 said...

Here's vol 6 from masscopoaration.
password is masscorpoartion or I forget which.

J Rocc
Jazzy Grooves Vol 6

part 1 [102MB]

Part two [18 MB]

Mike said...

Thanks! I think I may have heard this but wasn't aware this was Vol 6. In any case, thanks!

Vol 7 is amazing, as usual. Not one but 2 tracks by MC Michski! 1986-87 in effect!

The Funky Pres. said...

You guys are talking about 2 different mixes. "Jazzy Grooves" I did in 1996. "Taster's Choice 6" I did last month.

maurice said...

damn i love that brittish stuff!
thanks for uploading so many mixes, really appreciate it!

topdogkiller said...

man j rocc you're the dopest. That's all I gotta say.

Mike said...

Hey Mr Pres

Yeah, that's kind of what I thought. No disresepect, but I imagine you probably wouldn't be putting familiar tracks like "Third Eye" and "Loran's Dance" in your TC mixes these days, seeing as how Vol 5 was made up of such original and obscure stuff - still loving the Clifford Jordan joint by the way!

So Taster's Choice Vol 6 is somewhere to be found then?

ejnord said...

oh man J... you are too generous! spirit of the times... you got it no doubt. giving us for free what you know we would pay for. priceless. your karma is big upped in a major way right now.

mishk said...



The Funky Pres. said...'s the story on tasters choice 4. I started to make a reggae one. Didn't Like it. So I made a all 90's something hip hop mix. Stuff like De La Soul w/ the Teenage Fanclub "Fallin (remix)", Funkdoobiest "The Funkiest". Stuff from that year. Only that year. I want to do that Tasters Choice as a box set. Like 5 in a set. That's why I skip Vol.'s sometimes. But then as soon as I put it out it goes on the net. So it's like why even bother. Vol.6 I just sold a few to Fat Beats LA. They're gone now. Vol.7 is on here only. Who knows about the rest. I just saw someone just put out a lp called "Taster's Choice". So I might even stop em and figure out a new name.

Thanks to the folks that like what I have to offer. This is fun more than anything. I just wished more people cared. Especially about the Joe Cooley and all the other tid bits.

Shout outs to pipomixes, master mix crew and all the other folks in the "follower" section. There's some dope stuff there.

Mike said...

Dear Funky pres

Thank you thank you thank you for blessing us with these funky treats. Just for the record, I bought TC 1,2, 3 and 5 from TTL and would be happy to buy any more volumes you care to make available in stores. I also bought my original copies of Live at the sex Machine, Sex Machine Today, Syndromes 1 and 2, your Blue Note mix, both JB mixes and the recent Cooking Ingredients mix you brought out. Hell, before that I bought the Bumrush Brothers cassettes from Fat Beats back in the 90s. Your tapes are the greatest and I look forward to whatever you put your name on.

What I mean to say is, the internet's great and all, but I'm happy to buy these mixes and support the DJ, especially if it means you keep on blessing us with new joints. Your generous offerings to the Stonesthrow webcasts have been dope as hell, but if you feel like making Vol 6 available again, put me down for a copy.

Tom said...

i really hope you come to soundset 09 this year

JP said...

I'd buy a copy of 6 in a heartbeat. I've bought a real copy of cooking ingredients. Yes, I've downloaded copies of things, but I don't pass up physical copies of your mixes ever.

And as for 7, well, it's what I look for in a mix. That is going on heavy rotation.

Tomazzo said...

Yo J
How about a mix of reggae influenced hip hop tunes? Also, have you heard the Badmeaningood mix series? The one by Skitz is awesome. Almost rivals the Master...
Thanks for all the prezzies


KON said...

ayoooo....your finally up and running!
get at me, your old number is dead.
i got some treats for you.

bzrwon said...

Ha ha cool, I always wondered what happened to Vol.4 Thanks once again for posting these mixes, very much appreciated! Hey J, taking a stab in the dark here but you wouldn't happen to have a copy of your set on ITCH Fm? J.Rocc / Live On Pirate Radio ITCH FM JAN1st 2002, the only link to it is on zSHARE and it's dead I'm afraid. Just thought I'd inquire, all good if not, anyway bro, keep up the always amazing work and thank you for your time.

bzrwon said...

LMAO maybe I should have read all my emails before I posted that, I've just been sent a working link for it, so ignore that last comment bar the praise for you of course. Let me know if you want that link for that set or if I'm allowed to post it in here for others, on that note, peace

ejnord said...

yo what about the rest of us?

give it up on the itch fm url.

...please. :-)

ejnord said...

I found it.

Mastermix Crew said...

appreciated the selection in this mix...especially the inclusion of Turntable Talk and Big Apple Production 2...check out my blog when you get a chance about vinyl megamixes

Elle Rollo said...

Keep the faith J.

Your fans want these Tasters Choices mixes on CD... (i personally feeled bummed out that ill never be able to buy/hear a physical copy of #6 or 7 etc).

Why not sell a limited amound via your blog...........??



Daniel said...

YO J! I agree with the rest of these heads, I would (and ALWAYS DO) definitely buy your mixes to have physical copies. My kids love your mixes, gives us a break from "the wiggles" while driving in that LA traffic every day. Hook us up with copies of TC 6 and 7 PLEEZE!

From Whittier

Bobby Hands said...

Funkapolitan lp is dope .. U know it's August Darnell of Kid Creole & the Coconuts group?

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