Friday, January 9, 2009

Joe Cooley on 1580 AM Stereo KDAY

(yes that's the real building)

Alright...KDAY part 2

Yup...another KDAY mix for those that need it...These are legendary mixes right here..the D.J.'s might not be clean at all times..but hey..

"even the greatest fuck up"....David Porter

Big influence right here...The "King Of the Scratch" Joe Cooley..on a show called "Saturday Night Live".

The title tells you when it was on.

If you don't know who Joe Cooley is.

He was a member of a group called Rodney O & Joe Cooley.

They were on 5 different record they had some type of appeal.

Anyways...Back to Joe Cooley

He was one of the pioneers out here on the west coast..he was the "King of the Scratch" along with Aladdin, Battlecat, Tony G and a few others.

(I don't have Rhett here to help me out with more names this time.)

His cuts on "Supercuts (Yeah Boy)" & "Everlasting Bass" alone are stuff made of legend...Go listen to those tracks then you'll see why this cat is loved.

Enough's the mix.

of course the tracklist

(i don't know what this beat is...if you do. LET ME KNOW!)
The Real Roxanne-"Bang Zoom (Let's Go!)"
Audio Two-"Top Billin"
L.A. Wee Vo & DJ Felli Fel-"Rappin"
Davy D-"Davy's Ride"
Mantronix beat....I think it's Tricky Tee
M.C. Hammer-"Ring 'Em"

he plays that first beat for a minute...but he does cut alot at least.

the reason I use Zshare is so I can see how many folks are downloading.....without having to sign in and all that up...the record run down mix..


Mike said...

Hell Yeah. Mr Cooley, master of the jeri curl and quick/bird scratch. That Everlasting Bass single is still in my top ten. Cooley was one of the legion of incredible late 80s DJs backing corny-ass rappers.

Me, I'd love to see some Cutmaster DC radio gold get dug up here. I realize I'm switching coasts here, but the man had crazy skills!

Thank you Funky President, for blessing us with these incredible treats!

Crotchbat said...

Hey FP - if you don't need zshare to keep track of the d'loads. Create a free account at divshare or mediafire or megaupload. They'll give you all the d'load info you need.

PS - lovin' the blog.

Tom said...

im not one to tell the funky pres what to do, but i perfer zshare its faster then the others, especilly rapidshare. but if you're willing to share your greatness ill wait for it to download ha. thanks

The Dynamic Hamza 21 said...

Damn a Joe Cooley don't find many of them around. The only thing better would be a DJ Bobcat mix.

destroyer said...

Along with Curtis Harmon , Joe Cooley was a big influence to me growing up in LA.
Props for posting.