Saturday, January 3, 2009


Happy New Years Folks!!

For my first post of the new year I'm gonna drop a 1580 AM STEREO KDAY mix.......this is the one & only Julio G.

The Beat Junkies always talk about Julio. Melo-D & Rhettmatic use to dj for his show when KDAY came 93.5 on FM....and it wasn't the same.

Does everyone know what KDAY is?

Well...KDAY was the 1st all hip hop radio station. The host were....mornings were handled by Russ Parr. Afternoons were Greg Mack. When it hit 6pm the station was very difficult to hear.

Anyhow, Greg Mack at 5pm would have the Traffic Jam on. The first DJ was Dr.Dre (no not the one from MTV). Then after he left there was Jammin Gemini, Tony G, Julio G., Joe Cooley, Battlecat, Aladdin, Siberian Knight, M-Walk, Ralph M, Trayski..and a few others I don't remember right now. The show was only 30 minutes.

Shout out to Rhettmatic for the help out.

So enjoy a mix from the year 1988 from the one and only Julio G.

"This Beat Kicks"
"Have A Nice Day"
"Cracker Jack"
"Get Some"
"Makossa Bonus Beats"
"Sexy Style (Sexy Ain't It)"
"Planet Rock"
"When I Hear Music"

I don't know who does the 2nd turntable when "Clear" comes on.


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TKurata said...

Wow thanks man!

Mastermix Crew said...

thanks for the nice rip
classic KDAY!!

Bob Barker said...

Where are the mid 80s mixs from KDAY when they mixed LL cool J "you'll rock" with Run Dmc's "Is it live" and Boogie Boys "Run it?" or Beastie Boys "slow and low" or Dj jazzy jeff and fresh princes "just one of those days" or utfo "split personality" or LL's "rock the bells???" Where are those mixes??? Why only electro and 90s stuff??? Where is my old school?