Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rhettmatic on KDAY 3/06

All right since I got Rhettmatic on deck right now..we're gonna keep it going.

He's posted these on his blog over on his myspace page but you already know how I get down. I don't care!!!

I'm just here to spread that Beat Junkie Sound..

So here is Rhettmatic on KDAY with Julio G as your host.....
(to bad that they already took KDAY off the air)

I'm only gonna post one of the mixes for now..we'll do part 2 at another date.

Here's what Rhett has to say about this mix...

I just recently found some of my old recorded live mixes when I was still doing radio....these are mixes that I recorded for my aircheck while I was doing my stint at the resurrected KDAY in LA with the homies, OG KDAY Mixmaster & West Coast/LA Radio Legend, Julio G & my fellow Beat Junkie member, Melo-D. This was during the years of 2005-2006. Julio G was on the air in primetime from every Monday to Friday from 6 to 11pm, with Melo handling the mixing duties from Mondays to Wednesdays, & Fridays at 7 o'clock at night while I was handling the Thursday nights at 7pm as well. Of course we had to play all the popular radio hits in our mix at that time, but the good thing though, we get to occasionally play & sprinkle some new dope shit in our mix to try to break in new songs (i.e. J Dilla, Madlib, Self Scientific, etc...) or play some classic Hip Hop songs as long they were sandwiched between radio hits.

And what was even more special, occasionally, Julio would let us get busy on the mix and play a block of Old School Funk & R&B or a block of classic Hip Hop. Sometimes, those sets would be the most fun we all had and also would be fan favorites as well. At times, we would get alot of requests for us to do those type mixes. So anyways, I'm posting up 2 mixes from my timeslot for all you good people to download and to enjoy. These 2 particular mixes, I actually did a Classic late 80's Hip Hop mix set.......also on one the mixes, I finally got an intro for my time slot, which I produced and had fellow Visionary member, LMNO spit a bar. So everyone, get your hightop fade on, put your gold dookey chain rope on, & do the Wop and your Scoop & Scrap Lover on, and enjoy the mixes. Happy Holidays people!
Beat Junkies

KDAY 1 - Dj Rhettmatic 3/06
1. Big Beat - The Organization (with WC on the human beatbox)
2. Rock The Bells - LL Cool J
3. Saturday Nite Live - Trouble Funk
4. Bang Zoom - Real Roxanne
5. The Payback - Roxanne Shante
6. This Cut Got Flava - Latee
7. A Touch Of Jazz - Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
8. Nobody Beats The Biz - Biz Markie
9. Jack Of Spades - Boogie Down Productions
10. The Master Move - Masters Of Ceremony
11. Fencewalk - Mandrill
12. Voices In My Head - The Police
13. Let The Words Flow - Chill Rob G
Bonus: The Corner - Common

"Whoomp There It Is.....Hit Me!"

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dom said...

super duper props this blog be the illest..i used to cop all the mixtapes via MK from the UK but due to heavy rotation and a stoner memory ..they long gone play on players!! post up some babu...funky scratching all day oh hell yeah peace