Friday, January 23, 2009

Wax Poetics #31 aka Tasters Choice 7 (2009)

I did a "Record Run Down" in issue 31 of Wax Poetics. The cover is Shuggie Otis / MF DOOM. I'm sure there is copies still available out there.

A few people were asking about what some of the records sounded like. A few of them your not gonna find. Maybe...but I don't think that you will.

So here's a mix from the albums that I picked for my article with a little bit more on why I love these records.

I didn't throw in the Divine Force "Holy War".

Enjoy folks...


M.C. Mitchski - "Red Alert Is A Great Man"
-Red Alert played this record all the time...I would have also if I had a record talking about how great a man I am.....on second thought never mind...He did a mix almost like this.

Slum Village - "I Don't Know"
-What needs to be said about this. The first vinyl release from Slum Village. If you didn't live in Japan you were not going to get a copy of this....Luckily I have the Rhettmatic hook up...and he has the Japan hook up.

Tim Maia - "You Don't Know What I Know"
-From Vol.2 of this record dedicated to his new found religion. He soon found out the guy who headed the whole organization was doing something naughty to Tim's wife. Needled to say he soon quit the religion and re-called and burned all remaining copies of the albums.

Jack Bruce Suite
-Side A is a monster. I never really listen to the other side because the first has so much heat. Well here's some samples you'll be quick to pick up on. I did this section similar to Cut Chemist....he did something like this on one of his tapes.

M.C. Mitchski - "Brooklyn Blew Up The Bridge"
-The flip side to the "Red Alert.." cut we kicked off this mix with. Another one Red Alert would play. This came out at the height of the South Bronx vs. The Bridge drama.

James Brown Suite
-"In The Jungle Groove" is one of the ultimate albums. Even if it is a compilation. This was the first time "Funky Drummer" was on LP.....if full length. It was on a 45 and on "Ultimate Breaks & Beats" but never on LP. I could have made just a 45 minute mix of this one album.

Big Apple Vol.2
-When I heard this mix on L.A. radio station KACE 103.9 FM...during the "Saturday Night Mastermix" with the Supreme Team (No..not the ones from Malcolm McLaren...these cats were biters). They snuck this in the middle of one of their mixes. I recorded the show and I listened to this part all the time. The record was put together by The Latin Rascals...go look for the radio show they did. Almost the same thing here but for 2 hours.

Pretty Tony - "Get Some"
-Electro cut that takes me back to the days of my old crews....Rhe Crisis Cru and P.S.K. (Pullin Suckas Cards). I don't know why folks don't play this one. From the producer of Debbie Deb, Trinere & Freestyle...Tony Butler

Turntable Talk
-I heard this record and wanted a 4 track to make mixes like this....1984 In full effect.

Funkapolition - "As Time Goes By"
-I didn't have this one in the record review. I only talked about how I was looking for a copy. Look what I found. The frickin LP!!! Now that's what's up! British Soul / Funk.

Atmosphere "Free Your Mind / Dancing in Outer Space"
-This record was the reason I started to want more that British stuff. Good music. there you go.

If you want to see what I really said about there records then go pick up an issue of Wax Poetics...remember #31. Like the date for Halloween.

big up to the cats at Wax Poetics for having me in the mag.......finally.

Yes! There is a Taster's Choice Disc 6. You just wasn't looking for it.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Joe Cooley On 1580 KDAY Part 2


Alright's another blast from the past.

The "King of Scratch" Joe Cooley


I'm on a KDAY fix right now

.....I need more

...I'll trade or something



Well this one is from the year 1986. This is "The Traffic Jam" on 1580 AM STEREO KDAY right after Dr.Dre left the show to pursure his career. He was making beats for the World Class Wrecking Crew (Who just got signed to Epic)......So in comes in the Mixmasters.

We talked about them already.

If you don't remember go look for the other Joe Cooley mix.

The Traffic Jam is only 15 mins. long...not the original 30 I thought it was. Finding this tape made me remember that you could put 4 shows on a 60 min. cassette.

Your not gonna find this anywhere else...and if you do..

they got it from me.


Channel One-"Technicolor"
Egyptain Lover-"The Lover"
Gigalo Tony-"Smurf Rock"
A nice little bonus beat...

Dang only 4 tracks!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Stones Throw Podcast 41 - The New Over Set (1/1/09)



there's a couple of rough parts.
as David Porter said....

even the greatest f*#k up

Friday, January 9, 2009

Joe Cooley on 1580 AM Stereo KDAY

(yes that's the real building)

Alright...KDAY part 2

Yup...another KDAY mix for those that need it...These are legendary mixes right here..the D.J.'s might not be clean at all times..but hey..

"even the greatest fuck up"....David Porter

Big influence right here...The "King Of the Scratch" Joe Cooley..on a show called "Saturday Night Live".

The title tells you when it was on.

If you don't know who Joe Cooley is.

He was a member of a group called Rodney O & Joe Cooley.

They were on 5 different record they had some type of appeal.

Anyways...Back to Joe Cooley

He was one of the pioneers out here on the west coast..he was the "King of the Scratch" along with Aladdin, Battlecat, Tony G and a few others.

(I don't have Rhett here to help me out with more names this time.)

His cuts on "Supercuts (Yeah Boy)" & "Everlasting Bass" alone are stuff made of legend...Go listen to those tracks then you'll see why this cat is loved.

Enough's the mix.

of course the tracklist

(i don't know what this beat is...if you do. LET ME KNOW!)
The Real Roxanne-"Bang Zoom (Let's Go!)"
Audio Two-"Top Billin"
L.A. Wee Vo & DJ Felli Fel-"Rappin"
Davy D-"Davy's Ride"
Mantronix beat....I think it's Tricky Tee
M.C. Hammer-"Ring 'Em"

he plays that first beat for a minute...but he does cut alot at least.

the reason I use Zshare is so I can see how many folks are downloading.....without having to sign in and all that up...the record run down mix..

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Happy New Years Folks!!

For my first post of the new year I'm gonna drop a 1580 AM STEREO KDAY mix.......this is the one & only Julio G.

The Beat Junkies always talk about Julio. Melo-D & Rhettmatic use to dj for his show when KDAY came 93.5 on FM....and it wasn't the same.

Does everyone know what KDAY is?

Well...KDAY was the 1st all hip hop radio station. The host were....mornings were handled by Russ Parr. Afternoons were Greg Mack. When it hit 6pm the station was very difficult to hear.

Anyhow, Greg Mack at 5pm would have the Traffic Jam on. The first DJ was Dr.Dre (no not the one from MTV). Then after he left there was Jammin Gemini, Tony G, Julio G., Joe Cooley, Battlecat, Aladdin, Siberian Knight, M-Walk, Ralph M, Trayski..and a few others I don't remember right now. The show was only 30 minutes.

Shout out to Rhettmatic for the help out.

So enjoy a mix from the year 1988 from the one and only Julio G.

"This Beat Kicks"
"Have A Nice Day"
"Cracker Jack"
"Get Some"
"Makossa Bonus Beats"
"Sexy Style (Sexy Ain't It)"
"Planet Rock"
"When I Hear Music"

I don't know who does the 2nd turntable when "Clear" comes on.