Saturday, January 17, 2009

Joe Cooley On 1580 KDAY Part 2


Alright's another blast from the past.

The "King of Scratch" Joe Cooley


I'm on a KDAY fix right now

.....I need more

...I'll trade or something



Well this one is from the year 1986. This is "The Traffic Jam" on 1580 AM STEREO KDAY right after Dr.Dre left the show to pursure his career. He was making beats for the World Class Wrecking Crew (Who just got signed to Epic)......So in comes in the Mixmasters.

We talked about them already.

If you don't remember go look for the other Joe Cooley mix.

The Traffic Jam is only 15 mins. long...not the original 30 I thought it was. Finding this tape made me remember that you could put 4 shows on a 60 min. cassette.

Your not gonna find this anywhere else...and if you do..

they got it from me.


Channel One-"Technicolor"
Egyptain Lover-"The Lover"
Gigalo Tony-"Smurf Rock"
A nice little bonus beat...

Dang only 4 tracks!!

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(thee) Mike B said...

Hell yeah ... Thats that shit