Wednesday, June 23, 2010

D.J. Streek

Here's one of the cats I grew up on.

A dope ass DJ.. Still is...

He's one of the reasons I do what I do.


I remember when I was coming up as a local DJ and i got to get back to the DJ area at one of the gigs...He was playing 2 Live Crew - "Mr. Mix Cut It Up".. Rocking doubles of it... I was went up to him and asked..."What record is that?".. He told me..but he didn't have to.. I was a nobody back then..

There was also this time my boy Crisis & I had a party.... we hired Streek to play cause we both agreed that he was fresh.. He came thru and rocked RUN-D.M.C. - "Peter Piper".. doubles...again... Crisis & I couldn't believe it....we just stared and watched...

One more thing that comes to mind is...without Streek... I wouldn't have started buying doubles.. I remember he told me while we were in his garage as I looked at his records..

I was like..

"You have doubles of everything!"

Streek then said to me....

"You don't buy doubles?!"


Shout Out to a few O.C. legends...

before anyone knew what O.C. was... (Orange County)

Arabian Knight, DJ Raw (NIck), Crisis, Jam 3, Sweet Gee, Naughty Boy (R.I.P.)

..there's alot more but I can't remember exact names...

So let's listen to a intro to one of DJ Streek's mixtapes from 1989.

If you did a mix tape back in these days.. You needed to have an intro like this

(he's the cat to the far right)