Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rhettmatic & Khrysis

I know it's been a minute since my last post...been on the road..Japan, Paris, Spain and now I'm in Atlanta...Thanks for the ideas for mixes...I'm sure we'll hear some dj's out there do one of those mixes..we'll see..

I still don't have anything new for ya'll right now

So I'm gonna have to turn it over to Rhettmatic this week. I'm sure this has been out there for ya'll to download but here it is for those that don't know about it yet..

Go do some research on who Khrysis is..this isn't the place for that....they have a website called "Google" that does wonders..

don't sleep folks


Tom said...

how can i sleep with some fresh rhettmatic? i've heard this but i never could get my hands on it, thanks

yessir said...

this mix is heat, obviously. in regards to your previous post, about any requests for unheard/ rare mixes...."everybody likes some kind of music" would be bananas as a cassette melted a looooong ass time ago.

Harold Sharp said...

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