Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dilla Set - Soundlessons (2-25-06)

Since it is the month of Dilla for everyone....

(it's Dilla all year for myself)

I thought I would put up a mix from Soundlession. A club in L.A...the d.j.'s for the evening are Kutmah, Alfred Hawkins, J Logic and your host is Aloe Blacc.

He just passed away a few weeks earlier and it was still fresh in my mind at this party...I'm not really doing any crazy mixing...just playing the new shit (well "The Shining" wouldn't be out for a minute)...for some reason my set was only 20 mins or so.'s a taste of what's in store at Nightlife coming up on the 14th.....


Hza said...

d o p e .

Anonymous said...

Dope X2.

"Fuck hip-hop, I listen to classical" - Dilla

Please support and check us out. We guarantee this mix is unlike any other Dilla mixtape/podcast/tribute mix out.

If you wouldn't mind, please leave comments on our page and pass it along to others you think would enjoy.

John said...

Rest in Paradise.

Yo J what is the title of that slum song using the second beat with Sergio Mendes sample? Has it already or will it ever be released?

Thanks for the dope mix.

J said...

ur set was 20 minutes because u walked in hella late with like 2-4 cd's destroyed the building (really quick) & BOUNCED! lol

Andy Rector said...

Yo man, I can't front I miss Fantastic 4our like mad. It was like a open air Dilla forum ... And aside from that, the show was the thing that got me through each week. Your breaks sets were like weekly events to me (and Taster's Choice down there is incredible too man). But I miss the live-on-air ish

I just found your blog j so I'm blooming flowers

Much love to it and infinite respect to you brother.

PS- I did that 'Double Feature' vid on youtube ...I regret not having your actual accompaniment to the LAST LAUGH as soundtrack (which was bananas) but I had that little bit of video so I said fuck it and did the reflection. My homie just came through with a tape of that very date tho, the accompaniment - so I'll be digitizing it soon and can send if you're interested....