Friday, February 13, 2009

Ruff Draft Record Re-Release Party (4/6/07)

It's Dilla month around these parts.

As I get ready for Nightlife tomorrow night (2/14/09)...I like to re-visit sets of the

Here's one from the archives...

This party was hosted by Frank N Dank.

Took Place in Toronto, Canada.

I D.J.'ed for most of the night.

Now here's a quote about the evening from ptahh...

Apr 12 2007, 01:22 PM

"I practically fell asleep. Boring as fuck! same old song's - RUNNING. ok it's a classic, must it be played everytime i go out? A lot of people want to go to a laptop dilla beat tape party.. They are tired of the RUNNING syndrome as well.

I left somewhere between 2 and 2:30 am. I did not hear 1 ruff draft song and this was a party to promote the album???

I give up. For now on Dillathons at my apartment.

Poor weather does not mean anything. If you serve it up hot people will bang. plain and simple.

Spinna, houseshoes, and Q-tip i think have done the best tribute sets so far. Waajeed has had his moments. I'm sure he can step up if he really wants to - being that he goes waaaay back in detroit w/slum, but his last set was seriously lacking."


I don't think he was at the same show.

This is the last hour of the night.


topdogkiller said...

1nce again j rocc you supply us with the ill shit, loved the last jaylib set and i;m def gonna love this. Thanks man.

themixsuite said...
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maurice said...

"A lot of people want to go to a laptop dilla beat tape party.."

hahaha what a nerd
cool set! really enjoyed it even with the low quality sound

Tom said...

great set, but is there a funky pres set that isnt... anyway i have searched far and wide for tasters choice 4 and 6, and i think you should post one of them.

Tom said...

sorry but being relitivly young i never really had a chance to get my hands on them

ejnord said...


ejnord said...

word verification: weedrote

RLFM said...

i've been listening to this nearly non-stop for the past 3 days, great shit

j_laav said...

just wan't to say cheers for all your love you give with your mixes bro
i'm hooked up since the walkman rotation
you are awesome cheers bro

diaboical lack of hair follicle said...

super duper props from blighty...big ups