Friday, February 6, 2009

Jaylib Live 2004

(pictured set list from a show in Edinburgh)

This is the first show we ever did. It was a party for the release of the Madvillain LP. We didn't practice for the show...or any of them for that matter. I would ask them what they wanted to perform then they would go "I don't make up the set list"...hahaha.

Well, thank you to Madlib & the Stones Throw Family (Wolf, Jank, & Egonavichi) for giving me such an experience. It was a blessing..Getting to spin for my favorite producers. I remember getting tapes from Jake One of Slum Village and beat tapes and just geeking out with the few homies who knew what time it was. Then I'm getting to d.j. and go on tour with this dude..Man, talk about a dream come true..

Anyhow...enough with the heartfelt moments..

Edit: The voices you hear are B+ & Melo-D (who recorded this set)

Enjoy the very first show as Jaylib..I start it when J Dilla comes out on stage then let it roll out till the end..Special Guest Apperance by Common


Magnus said...

Thank you for this J.Rocc!!

Josh said...

thank you.

omar burruel said...

Link is not responding! :(

Duncan said...

Yo!! I was at that Edinburgh show and it was fantastic, Prince Paul tore it down later too, but it was all about seein the Jaylib combination in the flesh, it's an honour that Jay visited Scotland before his passing. If anyone has a tape of that show I reckon my head might explode.

Duncan said...

btw, I was young, over-excited and ultimately real drunk at that Edinburgh show, and over the years I've never been able to get a confirmation that Jay was actually there, when I first saw this post back in 2009, with all the SV tracks listed, I reckoned that was it!

But digging further any evidence I can find of the gig is "Jaylib ft Madlib & J.Rocc", at this point I'm pretty sure he wasn't tbh, can anyone, J, put me out of my misery?