Sunday, November 23, 2008

Unfinished Reggae Mix back to some J.Rocc mixes.

This is a real short mix 13mins.


It was going to be Taster's Choice Vol.4 but I never finished it and made something else.

Remember this is unfinished..


So i don't have any of special effects or drops.

Yeah Mon.


mishk said...

So back to Tasters choice version 4 was one released or was it skipped and version 5 released instead

Anonymous said...

thank you once again stoney j. bless.

Anonymous said...

any chance you could post the "drawls" mixtape from back in the day? i think it was called "jazzy grooves"??


carwhy said...

very promising...too bad that this is way too short!!!

Mike said...

So that's the story behind why Taster's Choice skipped from 3 to 5? If so, happy to finally have that sorted. The TC mixes have all been classics, with Vol 1 and 5 as two of the greatest ever. So this 13 minutes is crazy dope, but.... any chance you might go back and finish the mix? Any day TC Vol 4 comes out would be a good day!