Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Koushik - Shout Out Mix 2008

The mix I bring you today is from the one they call Koushik.

He made a mix and had nothing to do with it so he asked me if I would be down to put it on the Stoney Jackson blog...
of course I will.

If you don't know about him. He's an artist on stones throw. Has an album out called "Out My Window". Do yourself a favor and pick it up. It's not a "hip hop" album. It's something you have to sit down and just let it play out.

He also has a mix out that you can pick up.

Go to the Stones Throw website to check him out or head over to Turntable Lab for his mixes

Enjoy the man's mix...


Anonymous said...

Yeah mang, thanks for this mix!Much love for KG!

shottanahmiss said...

i think you should put up more mixes from friends, i had never heard of him before and its nice to get a fresh new mix to keep you going thru the day. i will be picking up his record as well. good looks