Saturday, November 15, 2008

Militia Survival Mix 2001

Here's a promo mix for ya'll.

I Haven't seen this one around on the world wide web.

I've found everything

But not this one.

I did this mix for a company called Militia Survival. It was a line of bags with a military feel to them. Real dope stuff. It's no longer around. They also did a line of shoes that went on to become Creative Recreation. So as I was saying real dope stuff...

So during every ASR Show or something like that I would hook up a mix for him to give out when people would come by their booth and check out their line of kicks & bags. I never sold any copies in any stores...well maybe Fat Beats Los Angeles.

I also made mixes for the shoe company but we'll get to those at a later date......
and yes I'll get to the Drawls Mixtapes so you (know who) don't have to worry

This is Promo Only.

Never before released.

From the vaults.

If you would like to know what's on the mix...well Rich One wanted a thugged out he got a thugged out mix. There's a some Nas, Group HomeNoreaga, Cormega, Mobb Deep, Wu Tang Clan, Iron Sheiks and many more!!!

This is a basic mix.
Nothing crazy.
No crazy "Beat Junkie Style" doubles.
Just some clean mixes.
So don't be mad when you don't hear "Sex Machine 2.5"
...(that's the mix I did for the shoe company).

There's 2 options for you for this time.....

1. One long mix.

2. A folder with the mix in it with the tracks seperated.


Anonymous said...

looking forward to see u in Tokyo!!

Nappy-bearded Jenkins said...

Props to yall lucky Bastards in Tokyo! I remember begging jrocc to hit the spliff in Charlotte hahaha, Come back son! I got the dank nugs next time!

hooray said...

Yeah, dope mix!!! Thx for sharing it with us.
You mentioned the "Drawls Mixtapes", I only got Vol. 6, how many Volumes have there been made?!?

mishk said...

OOo wee shit is dope thanks for blessing us and what ever happened to Taster choice vol4? ive got 1,2,3 and 5 would love vol 4 to complete the collection


Anonymous said...

yeeeeeaaah maaaaaan. thats wasssup. this cd is nice man. thanks for posting this. did u have this one on the site? i grabbed a couple beatjunkies mixes there. your syndromes cds were sountracks to many a stone sessions mah man

ejnord said...

SEX MACHINE 2.5 ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!

SAY WHU??????????????

Geebon said...

Thanks for sharing,
also looking for :
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2000 "Blackalicious" snippet tape for the album "NIA" [Mixtape]
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1996 Slaughters Big Rip Off [Mixtape]
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1996 Drawls presents Jazzy Grooves Volume 1-7 c. 92-96 [Mixtape]
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Eureka Springs, AR said...

I bought one of their shoulder bags... the best ever... took it all around the world and wore it out over many years. Nobody makes anything close to it now. Sure wish they would get back in business.

Do they go by a new name / web addy now?

Rick said...

Hey man, any luck finding that Drawls mixtape? How about the tracklist for it? I have an old cassette copy and would love something digital!

Mike M said...

I have the original Militia Survival CD case and all!