Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Conrete Beats Vol.1 (2001)

Here's a real full length mix..

Sounds like I did this in one take.

It's another one I did for the homie Rich One (Nasa Crew) for his shoe company..4CE.
He now does one called Creative Recreation...yes I still do mixes for him.

Not sure if this is around on the internet..I looked but could only find people talking about it but no link to download anything.

Tracklisting is

Pete Rock & CL Smooth-"Back On The Block"
De La Soul-"With Me (inst.)"
Marvin Gaye-"After The Dance (inst.)"
Lou Reed-"Walk On The Wild Side"
A Tribe Called Quest-"Can I Kick It?"
Slum Village-"Players (inst.)"
Soul II Soul-"Back To Life"
Reflection Eternal-"To Late (inst.)"
Coldcut-"Not Paid Enough"
Black Moon-"Who Got The Props (inst.)"
Sugarhill Gang-"Rappers Delight"
JB's-"Givin Up Food For Funk"
JB's-"More Peas"
JB's-"You Can Have Watergate"
Que Dee-"Supa Shit"
Frank N Dank-"Love (A Thing Of The Past)"
Slum Village-"Fall In Love (LP Version / Remix)"
Fatback Band-"Put Your Love"
Kool & The Gang-"Who's Gonna Take The Weight"
Herbie Hancock-"Watermelon Man"
Roy Ayers-"Life Is Just A Moment"
Take 6-"Spread Love"
Mark The 45 King-"Love Beat"
Mobb Deep-"Rare Species"
Guru-"Watch What You Say"
The Beatnuts-"No Escapin This"
Eddie Drennon-"Do What You Gotta Do"
Fela & The Africa 70-"Water Get No Enemy"

"I thought I told you that we don't stop"...Puff Daddy


Mr Lawson said...

Keep 'em coming. Always appreciate a J-Rocc mix I haven't heard before.

carwhy said...

wow cooooooooool mix...hope thee is more more more to come...pleaze us pleaze!!!!

maurice said...

yea this one is on the net. but with loose tracks and the tracklisting is wrong...
so thanks allot for sharing this!!

Olskool4real said...

Allright Mr. J Rocc this is a smooth but what I like the most is how you don't mix the usual you are not afraid to venture however it's not wandering to far!! The mixes are tight as usual and you keep the listener interested!! Nice Stuff thanks for sharing!!!

ejnord said...

Indulging variety arts of the highest order. Beat Junkie formula one love.

Greg said...

This mix right here is something remarkable. Like most of J.Rocc's mixes, it's coherent and goes somewhere. High quality work. Thanks for posting these up.

msrandinyc said...

amazing mix! thanks for putting it on your site. a lot of these new cats to the game should learn from this

BrainiacDumbDumb said...

Been had this since working @ TRUE one of the first 4CE retailers. Shout out to DJ 1987 (goodvibe at the time) who sent me the fall in love remix 12"s which i was fiending for after this mix and NOBODY had. J is super secret squirrel version king. Strictly solid.

sexy said...




restless_438 said...

here's a new link for this that i found courtesy of this website 'the big chill' (since it seems every other blog did the ol' copy/paste of the zshare link that JROCC dropped forever ago):