Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It's been a tough one this year.

There's not really more that I can say than that.

If your expecting a bunch of song you know and love this isn't for you.

If your looking for something to help you get over thangs or even just vibe out to.

This is for you.


Peter Lipa - "My Album"
Larry T. & The Family - "I'm Movin On"
Stanley Cowell - "Travelin Man"
Albert Ayler - "Music is the Healing Force of the Universe"
Sun-Ra - "Where There Is No Sun"
Sun-Ra - "Life Is Splendid"
John Coltane - "A Love Supreme"
Louis Armstrong f. Leon Thomas - "The Creator Has A Master Plan"

Rest In Power
D.J. Dusk, Roc Radia, Rob One, Dilla, Bigga B, Squeek, Cheeks, Primo, Mr. Nirza, Proof, Jam Master Jay, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Baatin & Mr. Magic.

I'll see you when I get there and I won't catch the red bus.


John said...

What up J, I loved every minute of this mix you put together. Thanks a lot for it.

ViOne said...

Great Man ! The Fabulous Funky President !