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Roc Raida based on a photo by Brittany Somerset.

Anthony Williams (May 18, 1972 – September 19, 2009), better known as Grandmaster Roc Raida, was an DJ, turntablist, producer and member of DJ groups The X-Men and The X-Ecutioners.

He won the 1995 DMC World DJ Championship.

Anthony "Grand Master Roc Raida" Williams was born in Harlem New York.

He passed away on Saturday, September 19th, 2009

He began DJing at the age of 12, spinning at local parties around Harlem. By 1995, Roc Raida represented the United States at the DMC World DJ Championships and won! He was the first DJ from New York City to hold this title and was automatically inducted into the DMC/Technics DJ Hall of Fame. Throughout his life, he lived his passion - being a professional Hip Hop DJ. He was blessed to have touring the world as his day job. Raida was honored to have worked with recording artists including Showbiz & AG, Lord Finesse, Kool G Rap, D.I.T.C., Big L and most recently, he toured exclusively with Busta Rhymes.

In 1999, Grand Master status was bestowed upon him by a group of pioneering Hip Hop DJs, during a conference at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum.

Roc Raida through battles, performances, videos, dvds and even a Pepsi commercial, influenced thousands of DJs, both to party rock as well as to battle and he took several aspiring DJs under his wing to mentor personally. As a member of legendary turntablist crews, The X-Men and The X-ecutioners, he along with his brothers-in-vinyl took the world by storm, innovating, influencing and inspiring at every turn. In 2006, to progress and contribute to the Hip Hop DJ battle scene, he founded Roc Raida’s Gong DJ Battle, a national DJ battle that occurs annually, combining head to head turntablist dexterity with comedy and drama.

Raida was given his name by former group member MC Sergio of Harlem NY. The two toured through Harlem performing at multiple night clubs before Raida went on to join the X-Men with Sean C, Johnny Cash, Steve D, Diamond J, DMD, Rob Swift, Mr Sinister, Dr.Butcher,GM Spin, Fatman Scoop which later became the X-Ecutioners

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