Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Good Old Funk, Rock & Breaks Mix


This one has been posted for a minute over on soundcloud.

If you haven't gotten it then go get it.....

It's a mix of Funk, Rock & Breaks..

I did this in 2002... probably right when my first single came out on stones throw.. I even throw it in the mix. Check track in 10 to in 10 is the 10th letter in the alphabet.


it's a mix that I did with the idea that it might be released properly....but it didn't happen.

So here it is.. been cleaning out the Old Files..

The CD was a bit damaged so please excuse the glitches

...also this was made with all vinyl.

Tracklist (from what I can has been a minute):

1. Intro..
2. Paul Humphries
3. Library Joint
4. (something on Truth & Soul or Daptone or one of those indi labels that put out the funk)
5. Drum Break
6. Sweetie Pie
7. Camel Back
8. Whitefield Brothers 10" (i think)
9. Bartel
10. Play This (Bonus Beat)
11. Funkier Than...
12. Klauss and Friends.
13. Can
14. Cold Coffee
15. Message To The Black Man
16. Jimi
17. please see #4
18. please see #17
19. ..i think you should really read what #4 says

(hit that little down arrow to download the mix)

Funk & Rock & Soul Mix by jrocc

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Renzo said...

open arms on this 'mistureba' (mix) perfecto oi...