Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Benji B Show 6/14/09

Alright this is a download to a fantastic radio show...

This is a homeboy of mine....Benji B

He Does a club called Deviation.

Also, (obviously) does a show on BBC Radio 1Xtra

I was on his show while I was out there on tour with Madlib.

I'm the guest for the full 2 hours.

The 1st hour is the interview....the 2nd is me in the mix.

Playing nothing but exclusives and that new heat..

This mix is available for download via sendspace...so get it while you can.


topdogkiller said...

man j rocc you def did it again yo that dilla singing song was crazy and azimuth's rico sauve bossa nova joint. great job!

blazedout said...

Get it while it's hot...


WorldSpec. said...

"Gee,thanks Ray Ray!!!"

(nah, seriously, this is incredible j)

one music

(we're already friends my g)

Bobby Hands said...

I heard you guys killed it & I heard the drops you & Madlib did for my boy Alex @ Radio 1 .. Fresh!
Check out our lil blog -theghettodisco.blogspot.com - Drop by n say hello man .. EZ .. DJ Bobby Hands.

ejnord said...


Somebody put that out.

You can come back again.

ejnord said...

OK... so I just went and checked out like 4 Loose Ends LPs... and wtf. No offense to Loose Ends. But the "demo" stuff you played is better than the stuff they put out. Again... wtf?

Is there any good released Loose Ends material... or is the only good stuff they put out... the stuff they didn't put out?

LAN said...

Yo JRocc terrific mix once again. Man you need to rip that Shook Ones Jay Dee Remix and make it available to the masses ! that's some ill ish right there !!

Benny said...

Re: Loose Ends,

My thoughts exactly. Come on, someone's gotta share that second track. I can't comprehend why so much good music is 'unreleased' and all that. The music business kills creativity.

Carol said...

Oh he made club wow so nice Deviation why he selected this name??
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Anonymous said...

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