Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Original Glaze L.A. 3/14/09

Well it's been more than a week but here's that Original Glaze set I was talking about.

If you did the google search....you already got this

but if your a tad bit lazy

here it tis'


destroyer said...

Yo why is that mans hands all up on the mixer? That's just plain wrong!

oh yeah...... dope mix.

DJ KING B (ADMIN) said...

Are you going to convert the beat junkie radio sessions to mp3 for here?

It Bit said...

lovin this shit......please keep em comin......props from UK

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, keep it coming.

I've done a breaks tape and would welcome feedback on it.


Peace and blessings

Tricksta_ said...

Wish people would put out mix tapes, and shut the fuck up. I am so sick of these mix tapes where the DJ has very few skillz, and some nigga is talking over all the music.